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So I’m about to convert my favorite bike from SS to 1x. I originally built it with leftover 24” DH tires & rims, well before plus bikes became a thing. I’d swap DJ tires on it for the Alexandria Pump Track and also hit the Flemington indoor skatepark. Well, no more pump track, or skatepark, and although SS kept me fit for the past 10 years, it kinda kicks my butt these days. Modern clutch deraileurs and gear ratios have really changed things for the better, and can help me keep this beast as my do-everything bike.

Glory shot:

The rear end is currently 14x135, but can also take 10mm-bolt-on/10mm-thru, or bore the adaptors for 12mm thru. I’m kind leaning toward a 10mm thru with a Saint solid axle.

My big dilemma is what 1x kit to put on? I was looking at SRAM 1x11 (NX/GX) to get that 42T cog, but are there any advantages to going with an older 1x10 or 1x9?

Any suggestions?


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how does the derailleur get hung?
Is there a kit specific to that frame or is it generic?

i just put the 1x11gx on the fatbike. 42t is available in 9sp (got one on the old fatbike) - in case you have parts around to repurpose.
otherwise the cost jump isn't that much.


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That set up on the 456 you bought from me was ace. Run one like that. I put xt 1x 11 on the Knolly and love that, but im not sure i would have bothered with that on the hardtail.

one piece crank

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Looks like I could go with a SS hub, then use SRAM GX 7spd DH parts. Hmmmm, big question is will I be happy with 11-25T. My Fat Bike has 11-42, so I don’t think think this bike needs it...


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Even if you did 14-28 or so you'd have good options for both road and hills as opposed to straight SS.

FYI, bolt on is annoying. I'm switching myself to the DTswiss 10mm skewer/through-axle-w-bolt or whatever it is just for the convenience factor.

one piece crank

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Agreed. I’m going with 10mm thru, just need to figure out what lengths are available to fit my funky adaptors.

Big plus to 7spd, I don’t have to change out my BMX cranks!

one piece crank

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Ok, just figured out the GX-DH 7spd cassette is 11spd spacing and chain, so I can't get a BMX chainring for my BMX cranks. This negates saving $'s on cranks, so going with a SS hub (7spd spacing) is a novelty. Guess I'm back at standard rear hub spacing, so at least that's decided and I can buy parts to build my wheel.

Going 1x10, or 1x11, or 1x7DH still up in the air...

one piece crank

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Currently Profile cranks with a 19mm spindle, and one-piece 30T 1/8" sprocket/bash-ring. They'll go in the parts bin. New cranks will probably be RF Aeffect with 24mm spindle, then run a RF Cinch steel chainring. I already have a 24mm sealed American BB :)

one piece crank

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The BB and crank options have me at a cross roads. Here is the Profile crankset (19mm spindle) in the American BB.

The idea of an Aeffect crank to get a direct-mount chainring is losing ground. I think the shortest 24mm spindle expects outboard bearings, which means on this frame they would typically be where you see that tapered aluminum spacer (red arrow). I'll measure and pull some Raceface cranks off the fleet, but I think I need to stick with Profle on this one - which leaves me searching for a 11-spd-compatible BMX chainring.

Once the cranks are resolved I'll order Onyx rear hub!
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