Conditions at the ROCK!!??


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Anyone think CR will be rideable these next few days and even this weekend, its supposed to get below 32deg the next couple days and hopefully freeze the trails.
Should be OK early in the morning. After 12PM, if it's even slightly sunny, the exposed areas will suck big time.

Expect some really slippery ice patches.
as of the afternoon on 3/10, it was pretty muddy. If we don't get more rain this week, should be okay by the weekend but I'd avoid it for the next few days.
today 5-6:30pm, ideal in some spots, mud fest in others (flats), some frost heaves, and debris that I partially cleared.
Anyone know if CR would be a good place to ride tomorow after yesterdays and part of todays rains? Was hoping to put in a good ride in the morning.

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