Chimney Rock ride 4/17/08...

Steve Vai

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We decided on this ride in another thread but I'm going to make it "official"...

Chimney Rock 4/17/08

5pm in the Newman's Lane lot (riding at 5, not getting there at 5)...

Ride 'til it gets too dark to see...

Pace should be slightly uncomfortable, it would be best if you know the trails just in case you get dropped;)

See you there:getsome:



I wanna go!

I wish I could be there, the conditions will be dry.You guys will have a blast for sure! I will tough it out at Central Park today on my lunch hour, have fun..



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Damn, I'm down for this, but I think I'm gonna end up riding local to me in order to get home earlier.:(


Conditions are great

Was there last night. A few sloppy spots but over all, great conditions -enjoy!!!

Steve Vai

Endurance Guy: Tolerates most of us.
Conditions were pretty good, not too much mud around surprisingly...Nice ride overall, good group of guys, the usual suspects-fred, sean, chuck, charlie, ben, good to meet another MTBNJer Mike, and there was another dude that sorta rode with us but I'm not sure who he was...

Hopefully I'll get over this dang cold soon enough and we can push a little next round:drooling:



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Push a little harder? Great. As if last night wasnt humbling enough. Next time ill just come alone. LOL
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