Chain lube that doesn't stick to leaves


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Nobody has mentioned the lube goes inside the bearings. The stuff on the outside does nothing. Should be completely wiped off. It shouldn't pick up dirt or anything.

this is what i came in here to say.

I use prolink gold (extreme) and have had good experience with it, my only complaint is that it flushes all the dirt out of the rollers and leaves the chain all black and gross if you dont relube frequently . . . (i hit my road bike once a week in the summer, and my mountain bikes whenever the chain gets wet, which this year was an excessive EVERY SINGLE RIDE)


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+1 for white lightning dry. the elitists will scoff at it, but it's cheap and you can grab it at wal-mart. when I clean my bike I also use their spray degreaser, wipe the chain down, and then re lube after cleaning.
we talked about you at last week's ride. The general consensus was that you end up off the trail lots and don't know/care when your bike picks up tagalongs. Quite a few time I've seen your back wheel with sticks and weeds. You need to be at one with your bike, show your bike some love bro...
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I do run off a lot to the right I think it's a posture issue, I'm also trying to get out the way.


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T9, nothing even comes close for corrosion resistance.

This stuff for a quick degrease, spray in a rag, wipe down, done. Ultrasonic cleaner with regular degreaser every now and then.