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Saturday car show at Classic Cars:






Pretty sure I could lift this thing:

This was ridiculous


Interesting story - this old coot bought this new in 1967. Still has it, 83K miles. Full frame off restoration 10 years ago. He said he has 2 sons and 2 grandsons who will share it via his will:



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Out in the real world today saw this beauty during my ride. Heard it coming first as the car downshifted for the turn.

Then later on this thing pulled up next to me and I was able to move over a lane to see what it was. Had the boy look it up for me. Audi RS Q8 basically they stuff the A8 motor into a mid size SUV. The guy saw me snap the pic and nailed it leaving the light. Sounded sweet.



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I love the smell of American muscle exhaust in the late morning.

Slept in and went for a later road ride and this guy went past me. Caught up to him at the red light talked to him a little really cool older gentleman. . I closely guessed it was a 67 but it’s a 66 Nova II. 327 4speed. Very nicely done restomod with all wheel disc brakes and a little bit of extra fine tuning to the engine. Not sure I’m a fan of the color but it was so clean and had that nice moderate chunky sound I like. He goosed it for me when he got to the other side of the light upon request 😬

Then later in the day I saw a bunch of macans around. I like the blue one better cause it had a trailer hitch for maybe a bike rack. Plus it’s blue.

Edit. White GTS has trailer hitch too. But blue wins.

And finally when you run out of duct tape that fixes everything I guess painters tape is next ?!! 🤷🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️



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Ok, I didn't get a picture, but I saw a 22 Kia stinger gt. And I hate to admit that it looked and sounded pretty good.

Just lost 15 minutes in there web site pretending to build one that I want to order. Top of the line GT2 twin turbo V6 AWD for like 55K doesn’t seem that bad for a 4door family hauler. Web site is very well done too.
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