Califon, HighBridge, etc.


Fourth Party
I was working up in this area today and was wondering if any of you guys ride out on these roads. I think we came off 22 onto 517, then made a left by some white church. We then made another left by the A&P in Califon and headed back out towards 31.

I have a friend that lives off of Asbury Rd in Washington so I could park at his house and then hit the road.

Anyone have any suggested loops? Are these descent roads to ride on?

thanks a bunch


Mayor McCheese
Team MTBNJ Halter's
Yup, I ride out there from time to time. You passed Terren's house, between the Church and the A&P. That road is actually 512 - the same 512 that High Gear is on in Stilring. It's a long road.

Some killer hills out there. Excellent road riding out there.

Steve Vai

Endurance Guy: Tolerates most of us.
I spend a lot of time out that way. Unfortunately, I don't pay too much attention to what roads I'm on though, I just remember loops from the shop rides, etc...We have some mapmyride loops on the High Gear site.



Mayor McCheese
Team MTBNJ Halter's

Have you ever uploaded a course to your GPS and followed it? If so, let me know where you're going to start and hoe far you want to go and I'll put together a few rides on that you can upload.
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