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A strong 7
So, i was watching New World Disorder 3 for the first time, with my 3 year old son, Colin and meghan (thx J). To say he loved the bike footage and music was an understatement.

After one of the rider sequences, the segue spot is this hot blonde (jenna jameson?) standing in a wet t-shirt and thong holding a towel. My son spontaneously jumped up from his seat, pumped his fist in the air, and yelled "YEAH BABY!" After she got over her initial dismay, meg was amazed at how "basic" it is for a male/boy to be turned on to something like that.

Oher highlights for col were the steve peat and jeff lenosky sequences, and he really liked Aces High by Iron Maiden. The North Shore stuff just blew me away.

NOTE: She also advised me to screen the content before watching next time, neither of us expected that.
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