Bike King Rt 31 - NJ

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This is just north of 78 on Rt. 31 North. I picked up my Trek 1200 road bike here for $699. MSRP is $880. :shock: I also picked up a water bottle, cage, and specialized shoes with cleats for $812 OTD. Got to ride around the small parking lot and the guy even came out to make sure I looked ok. He immediately thought the bike was too small and it turns out the next size up was much more comfy. I give them 2 thumbs up. They have a large stock of Trek and Specialized bikes. Road and Mtn.
+1. Best prices around on Gary Fishers. I bought a 2009 Paragon that had to be ordered for $1700 (MSRP was $2200). A good amount of bikes on the floor, too.
I just happened to buy 2 new bikes here as well, after shopping around quite a bit. Prices were way better than any other store. The owner was very attentive to our needs.

Definetly two thumbs up.
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