Big thanks to Zach at Campmor


Campmor is a big retail store, so you don't get that "neighborhood bike shop" feel when you walk in, seeing canoes and tents on your way to the bikes. But the folks in the Campmor bike shop make up for any small shop feel by taking care of you just the same or better -- and today proved it again: Even though they're backed up on a busy Saturday with one mechanic on vacation, Zach fixed my shifter problem in just a couple hours, keeping my Sunday morning ride alive. Big thanks -


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Just noticed your avatar is the Husker Du album cover from Zen Arcade. IMHO one of the greatest albums ever from the 80's.


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lucky you....the first and last time I went to Campmor for a mechanical they told me "yeah sure, we'll take care of it, come back in a week" :scared:
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