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My name is Doug from Paramus. I head the NJMBC and we do weekly rides that leave from Paramus at 7:30 on Sunday mornings that go all over the state. Check out and look for the NJMBC in Paramus through the NJ section club explorer.......rides e mailed each week.

North Jersey Mountain Bike Club

Since the mid 80s, The North Jersey Mountain Bike Club is comprised of near 200 enthusiastic men and women (ages ranging from late 20's to over 50) who meet once a week for great mountain bike rides from the Northern New Jersey area. Our main objective is to have safe, but thrilling rides...along with just getting out there and having a terrific social time each Sunday. We have even seen a few marriages come out of the club. The club does not have any membership fees, although a cash donation of $10.00 will be accepted for and IMBA donations. Our guidelines require that riders wear a helmet, carry your own tools, pump, tubes, water, etc. You must provide your own transportation to and from our ride locations. All riding abilities are welcome, though a decent level of fitness is required, as most members are now at a higher level of skill and can hammer. All rides are headed by very seasoned riders and no one gets left behind.
The North Jersey Mountain Bike Club visits some of the best riding destinations in the New Jersey, New York State, and Pennsylvania. As a member through you will be e mailed rides each week. Rides leave from Petruska Park in Paramus NJ at 7:30 am Sundays. (Time may vary with ride location.) We are also currently organizing our annual Fat Tire Quest trip. Last year, the club went to the Fat Tire Festival in Moab, Utah in mid-October. The NJMBC joined thousands of other mountain bike enthusiasts, for the thrill of riding some of the best trails our country has to offer.

Send email for more information to
or call Doug Daniele at 201-214-2004
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