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Hi everyone!

It's been some time since I've posted on this website and actually touched my bike. I moved to Hoboken and since doing so, I've had no time to get the pedals going. I have, however, been scoping out the roads around here and Jersey city and it's just a complete mess. I've talked to a few locals who ride around and they all say the same thing, that it's hard to get a good speed going because of the lights and traffic.

I'm really wanting to setup a nice ride, but every time I attempt to do so, nobody seems to be interested. Maybe now that there's more members on this forum, someone will be down with a weekend getaway ride.

So, any takers on a beautiful Fall weekend getaway ride?

Leave a Friday afternoon, ride till sunset, hotel/camp, ride all day Saturday, hotel/camp and head home on Sunday?

If anyone is interested in discussing this, I would love to do so.

Shoot me an email - to talk.


Hey Nick,

I'm in Secaucus and can only ride towards the city out of my door as Route 3 is the only way west and it's no bike friendly. So I typically head out from the house towards Liberty State Park and then North up towards the Palisades. When you get to the GW Bridge then there's a nice rolly section with few cars, you can then hit 9W and make your way up to Nyack. Get some egg sandwiches, talk to other roadies there then turn around and head back. It should be at least 65 miles from Hoboken, if not more.

I'll happily have a morning ride with you one weekend but can't do it this weekend...


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Definitely, let me know when you're available. I might head up to Harriman State Park next weekend.
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