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If you don't like climbs then here's the park for you. It was my first time there today and I had a blast. The single-track goes on for miles and the tight twisty trails are a blast! Just watch the bars in a couple places because it's a tight squeeze. Lots of overgrowth in areas so wear the leg protection if scratches bother you. We started out just left of what I think is the boat house and that's where we had the most fun. At one point, we crossed a river to an area that was very overgrown. We worked our way past a golf course and back around on the blue trail. Ride didn't finish as well as it started with a lots of scrapes, bruises and a flat but an absolute blast. Lots of logs to cross and bridges but watch out for sand pits that will gobble up your front wheel like it's a Twinkie.

We drove about an hour and 15 minutes to get there and about 2 hours back with Jersey Shore Sunday traffic but it was worth it. Can't see myself riding here often but I will be back for sure. Not sure about our loop or lack of but we traveled approximately 8.4 Miles and there was still plenty more to see.


I don't know if I ever told you, but Xenos and I found a way to loop the lake w/o hiking through the woods/briar patches. Then we got yelled at for riding through the golf course, though.

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