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Rode 6 mile today for the first time...well, not all of it. I rode red and orange from the Rte. 27 parking lot out and across the road to where the blue trail begins, and turned around and went back. Rode for a little over an hour. Was a bit confused on the orange trail as I somehow did a u-turn and ended up back at the new roller-coaster bridge after already riding it (which is a ton of fun by the way). I managed to turn back around and sort of figured out what I did wrong. Overall it was an awesome experience and can't wait to go do it again. I'm only about 45 minutes, so I'll be making more trips for sure. The bridges remind me of Allaire and the speedy singletrack reminds me of Hartshorne. I gotta give the local guys who ride and maintain this place a lot of credit. Certainly looks like a lot of hard hours have gone into some of the features at 6 mile.

Does anyone know how many miles it would be from the Rte 27 parking lot out to the end of the red trail and back? I'll be checking this forum every now and again to perhaps go for a group ride and see what more the place has to offer.

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