Any good places to eat near Mt Creek?



I'll be up there next week for a few days and I need good food. Anything from hole-in-the-wall to fanacy-shmancy that's got good eats, please let me know.

Think Wawayanda will be ridable next week?
Good options for a quick bite would be Pizza Station and Boya for Chinese food. They're both right down the street from Creek on Rt. 94. There is a Dunkin right there too ;)

If you're looking to sit down and eat/ drink:
The George on Rt. 94
or The Vernon Inn on Rt. 515

I recommend both these places :drooling:
IMHO just about anything is better than eating at Creek :D
Go up 94 into Warwick NY and check out the town. Its about 15 minutes out of creek but there is a lot of great food there. Pub fare, Medeterranian/ middle eastern:D :D , sushi, Japanese.........tons of good eats. Stay out of Vernon unless you want bar food or pizza.:puke:
sorry Eileen I just lived there to long to go to the George any more. :)
how about...

Milanos Restaurant across from crystal springs is much more than bar food and pizza. Very good food and service. It's BYOB so stop by the george inn liquor store on the way...
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