An Update and Thank You All, from Christopher Schillings Family


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Dear friends at JORBA and MTBNJ:

I want to update you on how the finances played out since many in your community gave so generously through Crowdrise to help with costs related to Christopher Schilling's accident and death.

I was able to cover all of his expenses and settled those in August 2016. I then waited one-year in case anything surfaced I did not know about.

After consulting with Christopher's closest friend, Mitchell Gold, in August 2017 I made a final payment out of the estate to the New Jersey Interscholastic Cycling League. Again in consultation with Mitch, this is how they intend to use the funds:

To honor Chris’ memory in a significant and meaningful way, we would like to award a student athlete with the “Chris Schilling Memorial Award”. Presented annually, this award will recognize the NJICL student athlete who most closely embodied the spirit and character which Christopher displayed in his love for mountain biking. We have many students facing challenges in life who are overcoming adversity through cycling and the NICA program. They share many similarities to Christopher when they succeed, so we find it very fitting to give recognition annually which honors the student and Christopher’s memory.

We would be honored if members of the Schilling Family joined us at our final race of the year at Six Mile Run State Park to present the first award. It is currently scheduled for June 3rd, 2018.

If anyone from JORBA or MTBNJ would like to be present on June 3 and take part, I will let Ken Seebeck know.

My hope is that those who gave so generously will know how much we appreciated the remembrances, support, and financial gifts. Many times people never hear back what happened with funds, so I want to make sure that gets out as well.

Thank you for your help.

Diana Schilling Frazier


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Wow, excellent, fantastic stuff. Thanks for sharing, Mitch.


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I literally had to walk away from my desk for a few minutes after reading.... this couldn’t be more fitting.
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@Mitch, the student athlete memorial award is truly great way to honor Chris’ memory! Major Kudos to you and Diana for sharing this with Chris' friends and our community.


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Wow this made my day!

June 3rd marked on my calendar. @Mitch @KenS , goes without saying, amazing job and let me know if there's anything JT and I can help with.
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Thank you MTBNJ community for all your support during this time. I appreciate the thanks but not really necessary. All the board and all Chris's friends and all the people here that he never met showed his family so much love that they really, truly were overwhelmed by it. We as a biking community are all a good bunch and we show when we need to. Thanks again to to @KenS for his work with the “Chris Schilling Memorial Award”. Ken asked me to try and come up with a name for this award and I really couldn't put anything together that wouldn't sound corny, "The Chris Schilling Wawa Award", " The Chilling With Schilling Award", "The All Around Good guy Chris Schilling Kid Award".. I really , really tried but couldn't do it. But Ken came up with "The Chris Schilling Memorial Award" "PERFECT" Thanks Ken for keeping Chris's good deeds and memory alive and thanks all you fellow good folks as well . #SinglespeedforSchilling


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This is great. Thanks for sharing. Chris's legacy will live on!
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