Allamuchy Hat trick 11/5


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I'll be doing the 2nd Semi Annual Allamuchy Hat trick this Sunday from the Waterloo road railroad bed. Rolling by 8:18 AM and trying for 4+ hours actual saddle time. 30 miles ? Heading north up to KVSP to ride all of the trails up there, back down into Allamuchy via Waving Willie's, through the North side of Allamuchy dropping down to Tranquility, up Rt. 517 to Deer Park to ride the 13 mile loop, dropping back down to Waterloo rd. and finishing up back at the cars. Steady pace with plenty of, well, everything actually. We'll have 2 possible stops for expresso and beverages. Please bring water, food, parts and money for the stops.
Jim is already signed up.
Please let me know if your interested.
There are a couple of bail out points if you have time restraints.


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I would love to join you Kris, but I would definitely put the "+" into the 4+ hour ride. :eek:
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