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i'm not exactly sure what you'd do with thing or where you'd ride it...or how you'd really go up hill with it but it's kinda cool.




Strong like bull, smart like tractor
Team MTBNJ Halter's
my guess is, it's this guy, from the article:

"But take this start-up seriously: the world champion in 24-hour mountainbiking, Christoph Lörcks, is working with Trailcart, bringing knowledge and experience on two-wheelers to the development of the first pedal-powered four wheel drive offroad vehicle."

i have no idea if he's clipped in though.


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When I see things like that and the latest 2 wheel drive MTB I just have to ask, WHY? My one wheel bike will go anywhere that thing will go and more!
It is kinda cool looking though with the 4x4 articulation and stuff.
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Does Christini the 2 wheel drive bike company still exsit? I tried one out at Mountain Bike weekend years ago at Jim Thorpe.


He needs to shave some weight from it
I would put lighter rims for less rotating mass
Lighter tires for the same reason but the side wall needs to hold up in tight turns, semi aggressive XC tread pattern and be puncture resistant. Probably try converting to Stans.
The frame needs to be carbon fiber as well as the seat with minimal padding.
Switch everything to XTR
Throw in a Fox shock with piggback and more spring compression to make up for the weight added in the articulation
Flux Capasitor behind the seat
New chain with fewer links (save more weight)
Nitrogen filled tires
Dana hubs with locking front and rear differentials
Warn winch
Sticker that reads "if you can read this, flip me over"
Red steel gas can
K40 antenna with CB
Grant steering wheel with freight train horn
Snorkel (so he can breathe in case the water gets to deep)
Muffler bearings
Fuzzy dice
Piston return springs
Skid plate
Helmet...he needs a helmet
6 point seat belt (safety first)
Air bags
A pretty pink basket
NJ Inspection sticker
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