3/27 Conditions at Allamuchy are good


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Hey guys just wanted to let you know that I did a loop at Allamuchy yesterday and it was pretty good. I did willies to ice cream to the new switchbacks up cardiac to candy a$$ and back via white. It was good. Only muddy in the usual spots and the rain runoff made some of the trails a little more rutted and leafy but overall pretty good. I did see a guy on the trails on a dirtbike which didn't make me happy. It's obvious when they've been in there. Especially one section of much which it looks like they enjoy. There weren't as many trees down as I'd expected and overall it was a lot of fun. I did lose my water bottle so I had no fluids and no food so I limped out running on E. If anybody finds my Bontrager bottle with Ryan H. on it there's a $.05 reward :). My guess is it's on the downside of ice cream. All in all it's good...well before the rain hits.
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