2018 Ibis Mojo 3 with Upgrades, Large


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2018 Ibis Mojo 3, Size Large


$4500 new base not including upgrades which are listed below (+ $600).

Blue tape and clear tape is in the top tube to protect it

This has been a great bike for me because it is so nimble.

Brakes and gear shifting work perfectly since I had it tuned up the spring. Pictures of the cassette and the chain ring included.

Components are SRAM NX. They work just as well as higher lines. As my dealer told me, the only difference is weight.

As suggested by my dealer it has some nice upgrades to make the bike lighter. These are listed on the receipt I am sharing.

Oval chain ring $75

SRAM X01 cassette - this is a single piece of metal that takes 12 hours to create by an automated machine at SRAM. $280

Wolftooth dropper remote lever. $70

Carbon handlebars $175

The NY dealer I bought it from weighed it and it is 29 pounds even. It is even lighter now since I switched from 2.8 to 2.6 tires — Schwable.

It has been care of it. The blue tape on there and the tape on the top bar is to prevent scratches. I keep it clean and don’t ride it in the mud.

It has been tuned up twice by my dealer.

Last tuneup this Spring ($763) included having both shocks, new Schwable tires, as well as normal maintenance. Receipt available. New brakes also installed; SRAM sintered, the best.

Prior scheduled tuneup service completed $127. That receipt is also available.

Neoprene protectors have been used on the front shock to protect it. They are visibe in the picture.

The bike has normal scratches on it. The rims are perfectly true and no dings. I only weigh 155 pounds and I don’t go off jumps — so no stress on the rims or shocks. Pictures included for complete disclosure.

New Chain installed annually. Always greased properly.

New Bottom Bracket installed as regular maintenance July 2020.1.jpg


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