2005 - April 24, South Mountain Cleanup


JORBA Board Member/Chapter Leader
mergs @ mtbr.com said:
Now is the time to put your best mtb foot forward and help the South Mountain Reservation clean their trails. The South Mtn Conservancy has been recently involved in the Lewis Morris TCC day and was impressed with the dedication and professionalism of that event, and with the ongoing efforts of the folks at JORBA, the powers that be are now in discussion with mtb groups. No, So Mo is not open to bikes, but if we can get enough mtb'ers out for this trail day, their minds may change. Greg Murray from JORBA has said that attitudes at So Mo have really changed for the better from 10 years ago. Therefore, there is an opportunity to do some good here and possibly change minds and erase negative perceptions of the past with mtb use at So Mo.

Here is a link to the web site doing the cleanup:


The event that JORBA is asking any and all mtb'ers to attend is this Sunday.
10 AM
Sunday, April 24 So Mo Reservation, West Orange. (near Turtleback Zoo)
Tulip Springs & Shady Nook

Tulip Springs & Shady Nook areas are off of Cherry Lane. Maps are found here:

http://www.somocon.org/Map of SMR.htm

www.Turtlebackzoo.com has good directions then you can easily find SMR once you are there.


I'll be there with the wife. We plan on doing the trailwork, then heading over to the zoo for a few hours. 8)

Edit: this event goes on RAIN or SHINE. JORBA reps request that we indicate our "mtn biker status" in some way, for example by wearing a cycling jersey or a hat. I think the idea here is to pitch in, yet the make sure its known (in a subtle way) that we're responsible mtb'ers here to help. They also *may* be supplying work gloves but many folks bring thier own (I'll bring my own).
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