1. A

    Summer MTB Camps/Trips for Middle Schoolers?

    We sent our older daughter on an Overland road biking trip, but our 7th grade son might be interested in a mountain biking summer experience. Anyone have any experience with any well run programs with 1-3 week mountain biking camps or trips? Any help you can provide is most appreciated!
  2. mattsrabbit

    Wells Mills County Park trail

    Hey folks, are any of you familiar with the Wells Mills County Park Train in the Pine Barrens? It's next to the Joseph A. Citta Scout Reservation. I'm doing the Jersey Devil Xterra there May 6th and would love some advice on tread patterns, terrain, etc. I hope to get down there to scout it out...
  3. trek007

    Oct 28-30 2016 Vermont MTB Trip - Kingdom Trails

    Hey guys and gals. Ive been wanting to go to VT to ride for some time now and wanted to know how many people would be interested in riding up to Kingdom Trails I've never been there and want to try something new and thrilling, maybe with some MTB'ers while I am at it...
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