six mile run

  1. jdog

    Pivot Demo Day / 6 Mile Run / Jacques Lane / Father's Day / 6/18/2023

    Halters Cycles MTB Demo / 6mr Get geared up and come ride the best bikes on the planet with Halters Cycles and Pivot Cycles! We're coming out for the day and bringing a complete Factory Fleet for you to enjoy. Staff will be on hand to answer questions and dial you in for a great ride. We hope...
  2. jdog

    Santa Cruz Bicycles / Demo day / July 6th 2019

    Santa Cruz bicycles will host a demo day at 6 mile run on July 6th 2019from 10-3PM A typical selection of new 2019bikes to demo will be on hand to demo at no cost a complete list will follow please bring your pedals, ID/ CC. Minors will need a parent or guardian to sign for them Demos will...
  3. jdog

    Cannondale Demo brought to you by Halters Cycles @ 6mr Aug 27th List of bikes pending. Typically they bring both road and Mt bikes. Jacques Lane this time. 9-2 with the last demos going out at 1pm Will not happen if it rains. Bring a license and your pedals. Come ride some bikes.
  4. soulfly26

    New mtb'er

    Hey everybody been lurking(stalking)these forums for quite some time. Not sure what took so long to create an account but I injured myself about 2 weeks ago so it's been nonstop on here and pinkbike. Anyway little about me just got into the sport about 3 years ago and I'm awful hence the injury...
  5. jdog

    6MR / 2017 NICA Loops / Middle School & High School

    We are holding our first NICA RACE ON april 23RD at 6mr. Here are the two loops (one for the High school kids and a shorter version for the Middle school kids): Have at it. To be clear there are some field...
  6. freshmtb

    Beginners group ride

    Hi All, This is JP, fairly new to MTB. Two months ago I bought a hybrid and took it both on road and the trails. I found myself loving the trails more and recently bought a real mountain bike! The first trail I ever went to was Six mile run, with no mtb experience and a hybrid with thin tires I...
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