1. soulfly26

    New mtb'er

    Hey everybody been lurking(stalking)these forums for quite some time. Not sure what took so long to create an account but I injured myself about 2 weeks ago so it's been nonstop on here and pinkbike. Anyway little about me just got into the sport about 3 years ago and I'm awful hence the injury...
  2. Michele

    Hello! New to MTB.

    Hello my name is Michele and my fiance and I are from Bergen County. We're new to mountain biking and this forum. I've been lurking for a short time. Several months ago we bought new bikes and we've been braking them in. In the beginning when it was cold we rode on the Saddle River Pathway but...
  3. Happigirl

    New (again) to MTBNJ

    Dusted off the mountain bike recently and figured I would dust off my MTBNJ forum login, too. Hi everyone, I'm in the Brick area but also work in Somerset, so travel isn't a big deal to me. Allaire is my local park and I ride/hike/explore/maintain it as much as I can. Other activities...
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