New (again) to MTBNJ


Dusted off the mountain bike recently and figured I would dust off my MTBNJ forum login, too.

Hi everyone, I'm in the Brick area but also work in Somerset, so travel isn't a big deal to me. Allaire is my local park and I ride/hike/explore/maintain it as much as I can. Other activities? Kayaking, camping, road biking, hiking, art, cooking...

Hoping to meet more of you and get more rides in. I can be a bit "shy" riding with new people/new places so I like to ride with people who are cool, encouraging, and like to have fun. But as @Frank can tell you, I'm really not THAT shy. ;)


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Perfect New Years kick off dusting off bike and user name. Welcome back.


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Welcome, We need some new/old faces around here. I'm geeting tired of looking ay @pooriggy all day...