kids racing

  1. the schwartz

    no longer available

    i have a (small) bike that i built up for my wife, that's sitting in my basement. nice parts, older but good, *edit* pretty sweet race wheels with XTR hubs (rim brake, not disc), the rest is a hodgepodge of stuff on a lightweight Azonic frame. would make a fine XC bike for a youngster whose...
  2. overbrook

    Kid's MTB Race, 8th Annual Grasshopper, Hilltop Reservation, Saturday, August 12

    All the kids who aren't yet old enough for NICA can race in the Hilltop Grasshopper! Here's a chance for the older NICA siblings to watch the younger ones who had to wait all day while NICA events happened. Kids from pre K to grade 8 (based on grade in Fall 2017) Registration is open and...
  3. jdog

    6MR / 2017 NICA Loops / Middle School & High School

    We are holding our first NICA RACE ON april 23RD at 6mr. Here are the two loops (one for the High school kids and a shorter version for the Middle school kids): Have at it. To be clear there are some field...
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