1. audi666

    Independent Fabrication Planet X (SOLD)

    Bummed to have to sell this even though I only rode it twice... :( I was planning on turning it into my commuter/lt. touring/gravel grinding machine I added Force cranks but other than that its the same as I got it. Im pretty open on selling the frame/fork/headset or selling as a complete too...
  2. audi666

    Spooky Supertouch CX Machine

    My Spooky Supertouch CX frame size 54.5TT (im ~5'11) Geo: Seat Tube Length, C-T: 580mm Seat Tube Length, C-C: 535mm Top Tube Length (Horizontal): 545mm BB Drop: 58mm Chainstay Length: 425mm HT Length: 144mm Background: This was my race rig a few years ago then I clipped a pedal on the crossing...
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