1. RickVaughn

    Gaming Laptop: Acer Predator 17. i7-7700hq GTX1070 8gb - $850 with extras!

    Hey all, I have a casually used Acer Predator 17 gaming laptop for sale. This thing is a monster and was purchased just under 3 years ago for $1749 from amazon. Asking $850 Other specs include 256gb SSD with a 1tb HDD. 16GB ram, 17.3" 75hz 1080p display. This computer is a tank and weighs in...
  2. StayHydrated

    WTB: Wahoo Elemnt Bolt

    Anyone have an Elemnt Bolt that they're looking to unload? I'm over the Garmin game right now; I have an old Forerunner 405CX that is on its last leg and I'd rather try something that is a) not a watch and b) other than a 500 or 800 series.
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