Gaming Laptop: Acer Predator 17. i7-7700hq GTX1070 8gb - $850 with extras!

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Hey all,

I have a casually used Acer Predator 17 gaming laptop for sale. This thing is a monster and was purchased just under 3 years ago for $1749 from amazon. Asking $850

Other specs include 256gb SSD with a 1tb HDD. 16GB ram, 17.3" 75hz 1080p display. This computer is a tank and weighs in at over 10 pounds with the power brick. (WARNING: This is NOT a laptop. You will not want to bring this laptop anywhere because it's so big) Can run most AAA games at high to ultra settings.

In the picture you can see this hulk compared to a 13" MacBook pro.

Computer was mostly used for web browsing because I never really got into PC gaming. Ironically I just built up a new gaming PC and don't need this anymore. The computer is great for 1080p gaming and the built-in 75hz display is a perfect combination for the GTX1070. I built a new PC because I wanted 4k gaming and unfortunately it takes a LOT of firepower to handle 4k60. If you're looking to get int PC gaming or just need a solid work laptop this is the one for you. Really hate to see it go but my GF is kinda making me sell it considering the $2500 rig I just built.

Laptop runs flawlessly and is super cool compared to other alternatives. I researched gaming laptops heavily when buying and originally had an MSI which overheated too easily. Also read about cooling issues with the ASUS ROG and ultimately settled on the Acer Predator because it kept its cool during long gaming sessions. It's super legit. The massive body and extra "frost core" pushes out all the hot air and leaves you to worry about your KDR, not your temperatures. Only 2 things keep this laptop from being perfect. 1) Looks like the RGB backlit keyboard has stopped showing blue colors. My purple background is red now and when I change to green, I get yellow. Has 0 effect on performance. 2) I once spilled a little beer on the keyboard. I wiped it up, immediately and cleaned under the keys with rubbing alcohol but sometimes on really humid days the keys stick a tiny bit. Again, 0 impact on performance but you should know about it. Oh I guess 3) sometimes when closing and opening the lid the screen won't turn back on and you have to power cycle the system. To combat this, I just don't shut the lid without putting the computer to sleep or shutting it down.

I'll also include a Razer Mamba TE (used) and Razer Destructor hard gaming mat if you hit my asking price. Over $100 in peripherals right there. Oh and you'll need a backpack big enough for a 17.3" laptop because regular bags won't be big enough. I'll also include my ASUS Shuttle Backpack ($75 amazon) which fits the laptop, power supply and 1-2 days clothes (it's huge) FREE with laptop purchase of any amount.

Spec sheet: (only 16gb of ram)

Cash/paypal only, local meetup in NJ (bergen county but i could use a drive) and I'll wipe the hard drive before selling. Can provide any screenshots, videos, photos, whatever you want. You won't be disappointed.

Open to trades but cash is king


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