chimney rock

  1. Pklimovich

    Nov 12 Chimney rock ride

    Come one come all ride a little or ride a lot. Anyone looking for a fun day of riding 7mph average I'd figure. Well be out on the trails from 6am until noon. Join us if you can we will make hourly loops back to the parking lot on newmans lane to either pick up or drop off anyone wanting to...
  2. Pklimovich

    50 mile Chimney Rock Ride

    Anyone interested in attempting a 50 mile ride at chimney rock. I'll be attempting again on a Monday middle of October. Last time I got 40 miles 5 hours in and my bottom bracket blew out. I have a 27.5 plus bike so it's a comfortable ride I would suggest the same. I'll keep you posted on...
  3. Pklimovich

    Weekday morning rides

    Anyone available during the week for morning rides usually around 9:30 a.m. at Chimney Rock let me know. Looking for new people to ride with. Depending on the day I take it easy 7mph avg. or speed it up to 9-10mph. 1 to 2 hour rides
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