1. R0B

    Car Wash - Recommendations

    Typically I’ll wash my cars myself however at times (which are increasing) I simply can’t spend the time I’d like washing them and I’m super hesitant on where I go for the quick $20 washes. Anyone have recommendations as to where they’ll go to have their car washed?
  2. gfisher270

    **Hitch Rack** CLOSE

    Hi, I am looking for a hitch mounted rack. I would prefer a Thule T2 or something along those lines. It can be 1.25 or 2 inch. I am not looking to spend a bunch of money but if you have one for sale let me know. Made my own! Thanks!
  3. gfisher270

    Thule T2 917XTR Bike Rack

    I have an almost new condition Thule T2 for sale. Model: 917XTR 1.25 Hitch Locking arms Locking hitch bolt 1 key I used it once Perfect working condition Fits 20'' to 29'' 250.00 Firm
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