1. Dave02

    Problems bleeding Shimano M6000 Brakes with worn pads.

    My brakes were getting very soft (lever goes to handlebar) so I bled the brakes. With the yellow bleed block in place- the lever was nice and firm after the bleed. Once the wheel was installed and the worn pads were installed, the lever was very soft- pumping the brakes didn’t help. I know that...
  2. RickVaughn

    SRAM Guide RSC brakes with rotors - ready to install!

    ***SOLD**** "Speed has never killed anyone. Suddenly becoming stationary, that's what gets you." For sale today is a full SRAM Guide RSC brakeset. I bought them off PinkBike a few months ago and never put them on. Had to buy some new parts so...away they go! Condition is really good, pads have...
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