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    No longer living in flat South Jersey.

    No longer living in flat South Jersey.
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    Wharton Conditions

    I preferred counter clockwise, you have better flow towards the end going in that direction. You also get to ride through the annoying tight twisty section early on so you get that out of the way.
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    Windham Bike Park
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    Allaire Conditions

    THANK YOU!!!
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    Need some help! I'm trying to get my video into the Adventure Film festival!

    Thanks buddy! I need to catch up to the leaders!
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    Need some help! I'm trying to get my video into the Adventure Film festival!

    I'm trying to win a spot in the @AdventureFilm 2018 Film Festival on @Outside_TV ! My short, The Silver Lining, is about losing my wife to cancer and how the mtb community stepped up in support! Please watch & share! #cancersucks...
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    Windham Bike Park

    It is a great trail to learn to jump tabletops. So many to get it right. If you case one, there are more to follow.
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    Windham Bike Park

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    Windham Bike Park

    Windham Jumpline has a lot of tabletops! My edit from the trip: #tabletoptuesday
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    Windham Bike Park

    I got up to Windham Bike Park for the day on Friday. If you haven't been, the trails are pretty nice and well built! If you like to hit table-top jumps, their jumpline trail will give you plenty! I counted 42 jumps in the sections that I rode. They had a lower portion of trail closed for...
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    Bog Trails at Port Republic Trail Conditions

    Atlantic County JORBA reps and a couple of volunteers were out last week to clear a few of the trails.
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    Estell Manor Conditions

    FYI JORBA reps from Atlantic County along with a solid group of volunteers brushed and cleaned all of the trails in this park on Sunday Aug 5th.
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    Allaire Conditions

    I got up again on Saturday and was surprised to see that someone filled in the run-in to the jump at the pit! However, the rain washed that work away. This will continue to happen since the water drains right down that spot. Time for a bucket brigade! Let me know when we can work on diverting...
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    MARS on the move

    Highlighted in red are the areas that we brushed last night. We'll be back out there soon to get the rest.
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