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    2020 Nukeproof Mega Expert Size Small

    Bike is sold
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    Gravity Cojones dirt jumper

    Manitou circus fork, hydraulic rear disk brake. Bike is in great, barely ridden. $875.00
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    2020 Nukeproof Mega Expert Size Small

    Buyer Pays Shipping $2600 OBO I have bought this bike brand new back in March of 2020. It has been ridden by a novice rider. This bike let me do everything I wanted to do on it and has been great to ride. Trying to sell it because I have grown out of the sport and not interested in it anymore...
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    Jim's training thread

    what didn’t you like about it ? Thinking of purchasing some myself. Thanks
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    Airborne Skyhawk dirt jumper

    Sorry. sold
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    Airborne Skyhawk dirt jumper

    Bike is mint, only used at port jervis. Top of the line from airborne $900.00 orbo
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    Shimano cassette

    11 spd. 11-34
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    Q: Trainer for kids

    I just hooked my sons bike up to a trainer I have. It’s older but it works with zwift, not blue tooth compatible. It’s listed in the for sale section, if he doesn’t like it this week, they can have it
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    Axiom Elite smart trainer 150..00

    Bump, this isn’t blue tooth compatible, could trade for a garmin or something similar. BO. Will come with tire block and trainer specific tire I have used it with zwift but decided to upgrade the
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    Fatbikes of NJ Gallery

    North Jersey, no fat bike (Top Fuel) but just as fun
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    Where to? Where can dry trail/gravel be found?

    This might be the only reason I join facebook
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    Large dirt bike group in Mooch. WARN DEPNJ

    They were banned there after the last hair scrambles they had They destroyed the place and never went back to fix the trails and that was in late 90’s
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    30c road tires

    Anything in northern NJ a plus. Thanks
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    30c road tires

    must be tubeless comparable, no preference on make
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    Is this America?

    lol. Thank god a good joke to relax everyone. Well Done Can we say god on this site ?
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