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    This Thread Blows

    should have just fallen asleep and started snoring, that woulda made your point!
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    Lands End boots-free

    ill try them
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    Car-spotting thread

    nope still in union, lucky you for getting a bit of extra time. Im not sure if they got all the roads but the main roads were definitely hit)
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    Car-spotting thread

    lucky you, salt is already down in my neck of the woods, courtesy of last weekends weather.
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    Peloton Ad: Sexist or Stupid?

    my wife has one, Her review below.
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    Car-spotting thread

    someone needs to be shot, actually thats too humane, torture sounds much more appropriate. what car am i doing that too again? please remind me
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    Carolina Squat - Is it sexy?

    both are pointless, and neither looks good. Thank god someones cracking down on it. /thread
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    What beer are you drinking RIGHT NOW?

    Catching up from the first 3 days of Xmas. (If you know you know) in no particular order.
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    snow tire check in thread

    this sounds like operator error, wtf where you doing 70 in a snow storm for? winter tires or no thats a recipe for disaster. I think this demonstrates much of the problem is that people (at least around here) dont alter their driving to match the conditions, they assume that they can drive the...
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    snow tire check in thread

    you have a good tire shop walking distance from your apartment, no excuses
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    snow tire check in thread

    according to NHTSA tires are only good for 6 years before the rubber has degraded and should be replaced regardless of tread depth. . . . i mean i drove my challenger through 4 or 5 winters with all seasons on it and didnt have any trouble(granted the first 2 or 3 i lived in South jersey), my...
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    snow tire check in thread

    It's your money so do as you please. But storing an extra set of tires is an issue for many amd in most cases you will have nought extra rims on top of it so more cost there. So why add the hassel if you don't need to? I get 75k miles out of my dd tires without swapping them..... you will be...
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    snow tire check in thread

    I drive home 60 miles in that storm. It did almost double my commute time bit I didn't need any 4wd or anything. That storm is still an outlier for this area and I would stress about snow tires and the extra expense associated with them. Now this is a good reason with the increased frequency...
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    snow tire check in thread

    How long have you lived in NJ? You need snow tires like 3 days a year here. They clean up the roads so damn fast. All season are fine for cold pavement while snows are meant to be driven on snow. You'll be just fine. I do all seasons on my wife's car (even when she had rwd) and she's hasn't...
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    The DIY thread - DIYourself

    Wait a minute. Here. The old floor looks great why mess with it?
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