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    Stephens State Park Conditions

    We had very little rain up this way. I rode Stephens yesterday morning and it was in great shape.
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    Stephens State Park Conditions

    They are in the process of providing access to the Morris Canal historical site. ( the incline plane )
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    Stephens State Park Conditions

    You’re right on point about the shooting range being a staging area. Twice over the last 5 weeks I’ve rolled be there on Saturday mornings and seen groups of Quadtards barbecuing and swilling Busch lights.
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    Would you?

    Unless of course we are talking Gibsons, Martins, Fenders and Neve boards.
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    Stephens State Park Conditions

    Sunday afternoon I came across 3 different groups of quad riders. 2 groups of 3 including a trailer of some sort with a Yeti cooler strapped to it and another group of 4 quads and 2 enduro bikes. It was like a Quad jamboree festival.
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    So, is MTBNJ hosting an event this year?

    Does anyone remember the 12HR’s of (rain)Deer Park race about 16 years ago ?
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    West Orange pop up bike lane

    I’d be hard pressed to roll on Pleasant Vlly Ave with or without a dedicated bike lane. We have crews that work that area and even with traffic control ( local PD or SP) drivers just don’t give a F*%^. I will admit it’s nice that they are also offering driver education along with the temp...
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    H2H WTF race this weekend

    No worries about wet roots and rocks.
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    H2H WTF race this weekend

    I think I’ll just stay home, punch myself in the face with a brick and rake leaves in the rain.
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    Post your Cat =^..^=

    Switchblades are hidden inside these F’ers.
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    What should be in the toolbox that is headed to the trails, on a size, weight and price budget...

    I’d recommend having a good pre and post ride maintenance routine. My nearly 30yrs of riding has taught me that most trailhead issues can be spotted and prevented before arriving at the trailhead. That’s not to say that a good floor pump, a few select hand tools, a master link or 2 and some...
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    Post your Cat =^..^=

    KatO is now sleeping off the bourbon infused ice cubes.
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