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    Niner Eccentric 2 BB shell keeps coming loose...

    I had this BB on both a SIR9 , which i still have and a ROS9 which i dont have , Ran both in a SS and geared. I never had a issue. ran mine usually in a bottom forward position , but I would take mine apart at least twice a year to clean the entire bike and I am about 180lbs . @extremedave used...
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    FREE Single Ticket for The Black Keys Tonight

    I was in the same section 304 . whole rows where empty at the start of the The Black Keys.
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    Post your Cat =^..^=

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    I need bike parts- help me UPDATE UPDATE

    i am crying on the inside. I spent many hours texting back and forth with jmanic on this build. I tiny part of my soul has been ripped away from me. I should not have gone to Cape May with my wife for the weekend and really should have spent that time with orange whip.
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    WTB: PF30 Eccentric Bottom Bracket for GXP cranks.

    What about this
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    Sold. 2011 Giant Trance X size S

    I think this used to be my old bike and if so its a small. Its a 2008 BTW. Great bike . prefect for a small kid GLWS
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    Looking for 27.5 rear wheel with many specifics which makes this unlikely but anyway...

    FYI, any hub that is boost and can take QR end caps ie DTSwiss 350's can be used in this frame. and shhh i have a pair of endcaps for a DT Swiss hub if you end up needed them
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    Post your Cat =^..^=

    Was just about to go to lunch and now I can't
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    A Wookies return.....

    good vibes and good thoughts for you. you beat it once, you can do it again.
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    Specialized shoe size ???

    I have had Shimano, Specialized and Bontrager shoes that are all the exactly same size 43. and for full disclosure I only buy them because I have wide feet and when I do get the correct shoes I get 42.5 wide for both Shimano and Bontrager
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    Sold --- 2" 1up double

    Sold .....lock it up
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    Sold --- 2" 1up double

    Oh I am sorry . My best friend .
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    Sold --- 2" 1up double

    The tab that holds the outside arm passenger side, it partially torn off. This tab is to prevent the arm from moving outwards The arm moves a little after you put the bike on. and by little I mean a little. One of my friends drove with two bikes on it to Raystown and back without any issues. I...
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    Sold --- 2" 1up double

    Goofy is free. He barely fits on a 5 hybrid. I think I have a Donald Duck as well
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