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  • I just got back from riding, the weather is great. I can ride tues or thurs this week. Where do you normally ride? I'm SJ, 15 min from Philly and 35 form AC. I can be out my door by 820(when the bus comes) and need to be back by 3pm when the kids get off the bus. I was going to ride Wiss twice this week but could come up your way. Let me know. The diSSent has to go back to the shop, not feeling the Juicys, they need to be adjusted and the front rotor is literally howling, but the Top Fuel is ready to roll.

    Hey Josh,

    Took the niner out for it's first ride today. Had a great time this bike is really fast. Here is a picture of the new ride.
    Great time on trail maintenance today - will have to catch a ride with you and "Reggie".
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