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    A weekend to remember. Mohican 100.

    Awesome Dave! Sounds like you really had it come together, congratulations!!!
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    What is the hardest trail in nj?

    Riding Fugawe without stopping is one of the hardest 5-10 miles of riding anywhere. The combination of tech, rock, climbing and, the danger (in spots) with lack of recovery makes it brutally hard. Everything else is either much shorter or connects with sections that allow for some moderate...
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    What is the hardest trail in nj?

    Been there done that. Going from the road back to yellow is possible, coming in the other direction not so much.
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    What is the hardest trail in nj?

    Only in pieces. I've cleared it all but I can't do it one effort, it's just a lot of climbing PLUS some super tech almost trials riding. Maybe when i'm at peak fitness I'll try.
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    Pinelands Speaker Series

    Thanks for posting. Since I'm a part-time piney now I'll have to check them out.
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    World Turtle Day Saturday May 23 2020

    Good luck with that. I can't keep them from riding into yard. You would think the big house in front of you is an indicator you went the wrong way.
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    Wild Cat Wednesday!

    What's a fight club?
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    Car-spotting thread

    This made me think of @jimvreeland - Get that 1LE out there
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    Shredly Face Masks

    @MissJR Why is this for female riders? I like flowers.
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    State Park Closures AND Reopenings!

    I know some places...
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    The main component in filtration that determines the permeability is Meltblown. Meltblown is used in air filters, water filters, fuel filters and masks. The fiber structure determines what micron size can be passed. Here's a few pics of a lab machine we built to test fiber size for particular...
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    State Park Closures AND Reopenings!

    @Norm I see what you did there
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    State Park Closures AND Reopenings!

    Will 6-mile be ok to ride?
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    Help Finding Pivot Bearings

    AST bearings used to be one of our tenants. They specialize in repackaging standard bearings for special applications.
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    Hunting Season in WMA's 2019-2020

    OK. Let's be honest. What upkeep happens at Wildcat? Anything in the 35 years (well it was private for some of those) that I have ever seen done here is all by volunteers. I have purchased a hunting license for the last couple of years. Never hunted, nor do I have a desire to. BUT during...