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    Wildcat Ridge WMA Conditions

    Man, Blue was still a standing river last night and there was a tree down (all near bat cave). I busted the tree up and opened up the stream path and drainage pipe at the wooden bridge. On Banana Seat Hammock I popped a rock out of the stream bed to allow debris to flow freely and cleared up...
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    MTBNJ.COM Security!

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    Rothrock TrailMix - Canceled

    How about the BlackFly challenge 615 registered!!!! Holy F^&( that's more than the winter population of Indian Lake. oh and over $30k in entry fees so far
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    Rothrock TrailMix - Canceled

    That's not really a race. This event is free from what I know and is just to promote MTB at Brandt Lake Bike Park (I'm listed as a founder LOL), Gurney Lane, Garnet Hill Lodge and Gore Mtn. I have actually ridden to all them from my place up there. It's kinda like a poker run format. If I...
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    Rothrock TrailMix - Canceled

    I'd have to agree with @pooriggy and @Norm as well. I think the event atmosphere is where it's at. I feel like my days of "racing" like really racing and training to win are over (maybe except Enduro in Masters - I have a shot there). I gave up on XC years ago. To be competitive takes too...
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    Fun Fridays 2019

    I can leave this here From my way but you can get the idea.
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    An Ode to the Weather

    So if you are pissing your shorts you need to let me know so I stay in front of you.
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    Is this reasonable tech? RV/Cush connector

    I haven't been in 2 years. BUT before we had this surge in trail building over the last 10-15 years RV was my Sunday goto for years. It was (is) hard as fudge and we thought it was great. I have always had the expectation of being challenged when I went there. If I wasn't wasted and bleeding...
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    Is this reasonable tech? RV/Cush connector

    All this banter about riding through a few friggin' rocks. Suck it up butter cup. Raw is real and rocks are fun, live with it. Don't make me get @gingertooth on this.
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    Wild Cat Wednesday's!

    Weather looks promising!
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    Jonathan woods

    But I like the bridges and getting stuck by all those prickers
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    Car-spotting thread

    The yellow comes off today. It’s “only” a Hellcat but that hood is an option for 2019 with the wide body. Upgrade the shifter. I have a couple other items on the list, but nothing to crazy for the moment. To do any mods on these things you need a cracked PCM and programmer.
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    Car-spotting thread

    More to come.....
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    Wildcat Ridge WMA Conditions

    I’ll add.... New way down (red). Great up top real wet at bottom. Beach Glen trail east (blue) parallel to Meriden is wet in several spots. Wet wet. Beach Glen west / Hibernia brook from Meriden. To bat cave had some standing water in spots but surprisingly ok. I also hit the Jeep road up to...