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    Any Skiiers/Snowboarders Out There?

    I snowboard..... w00t!
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    Damn, you guys eat a lot. All I ususally have is a granola bar.
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    Commuting to NYC

    yeah in a way. It's been tough..
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    Commuting to NYC

    yeah I know but I can't afford half of them and I dont want to live in the ghetto :)
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    Commuting to NYC

    It took you 2 hours door to door from dover.. That blows. yeah the commute to me is door to door... I was looking at a condo that was right by the 192 bus which was nice..
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    Commuting to NYC

    I am looking for a place to buy but the main problem is that I work in the city and need to find a place in an area that is a good commute to the city. I am in belleville now and its not a bad commute but I was wondering what other areas may be good. I want to try and keep the commute to about...
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    8/12 - 11am Patriot's Path & Lewis Morris

    I wasn't a full half hour late.... :)
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    New brakes: rotor size?

    get the really big ones... not sure why but you know size matters! :)
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    Mahlon Dickerson

    yeah this weather is killing me...
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    memorial day weekend

    I will be there at noon just to piss jay off :)
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    Hills, Hills and more Hills

    yeah it was a very nice looking park but riding was tough since everything was so loose. It was fun to check it out though...
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    My rear wheel is making noise...

    fun times! wet wild and full of mud!
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    Saturday 10/1 - Tourne - 10AM

    hows the anal secretion going?
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    Congrats Ryan

    nice, yes yes, congrats ryan.....
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    Sunday 9/18 - Chimney Rock - 8:30am

    hehe that just makes u a sucker. I at least keep sleeping and make u think about if I am really gonna come or not hehe.
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