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    Non-Boost Hubs

    I need a non-boost hub set. 12x142 and 15x100. 32 hole. For my DJ, preferably super loud and single speed but anything with a HG body works to.
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    DJ frame needed

    Building a DJ for the summer. I need a frame that has a tapered head tube, and in medium or large. Calling my budget at $450, what do you guys and girls have?
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    You guys want me to post videos in a month or two when I do this?
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    I honestly feel bad tossing that thing into a lake. I think I’ll grab an abandoned bike from behind the shop I work at, make it rideable and just send it. What the worst that can happen, right?
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    Ok so here’s the deal, I’m planning on building a ramp by a lake and need a cheap bike to launch into it with. Who’s got something?
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    Tire Trade

    Ok so here is the deal. I have a brand new, never mounted Maxxis DHF DD MaxxGrip in 29x2.4wt A friend convinced me that a assegai will treat me better up front, does anyone have one in 29x2.4wt with DD casing they want to trade?
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    Ah ok. Appreciate the response, sram are dummies sometimes!
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    This could most likely be a question for @jimvreeland since he’s pretty well versed in this. I built my dads bike out with Red/Force AXS in a 1x configuration. This leaves the dual click for the FD unused. He purchased a new Garmin UT800 smart light that pairs to his Garmin 520. Is it possible...
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    Expansion plug on carbon steerer popping up. Any Pro-tip?

    I don’t run a rigid fork on my bike, but this sounds like possibly a crack. Maybe someone can back me up on this theory, but the steerer could be cracked on the inside that you don’t know about. This would allow the plug to loosen.
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    Fox Factory 34 Stepcast Forks 2 sets available

    I think I’ve seen these before. Did you have kids racing at the creek enduro?
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    take some time on it, you’ll never want to go back
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    chain ring thoughts

    Gotta stay with the times then 😂
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    chain ring thoughts

    Have you considered eagle?
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    ESC Mountain Creek Enduro

    After a fun weekend at glen park, it’s time to hit creek. Who’s going?
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    Can you have fun at Mountain Creek if you can't jump well?

    I suck at jumps, but I do have to say that the blue trails have jumps that flow way better than highbridge. They will boot you in the right curve if you keep yourself loose and neutral on the the bike. The tech at creek is why I go there, if you like rock then the tech trails can keep you...
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