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    Car-spotting thread

    Pretty much. I need a set of alligator shoes and dress in all white. Crap, I need to go buy white shorts tomorrow. After Saturday's event I will. I've kept the car in storage forever, only uncovering it to work on things. Air-Ride wasn't installed in time for the show, so it will be 100% stock.
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    Car-spotting thread

    @iman29 yeah the american Gumball Rally is really cool event! I do something similiar where I rally around the country with Heading to New Jersey Motorsports Park this Saturday for RadwoodOfficial Car show. Its becoming super popular as its only for 80s / 90s cars... a...
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    Port Jervis Pumptrack - 6/2, Sunday 9AM

    Heading back this Sunday afternoon after some DH laps at MCBP.
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    Road Bike Saddle

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    OOS kayak spectacular

    I'm game, I got a yak.
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    Port Jervis Pumptrack - 6/2, Sunday 9AM

    Yup, super fun day. Glad you guys got out, bummer we didn't link up. Dialed in 7 miles on the pumptrack alone throughout the middle portion of the day, even with the crowd.
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    Familiarity with ThorLabs in Newton, NJ?

    @StayHydrated PM incoming. Looking to get some information as well.
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    Port Jervis Pumptrack - 6/2, Sunday 9AM

    Definately some elevation but manageable. I prefer gears over torture. :) Sweet, so many youngsters. Hope to see you out there.
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    Port Jervis Pumptrack - 6/2, Sunday 9AM

    Hey all, Been spending a lot of time at this new gem up in Port Jervis, NY since the opening a few days ago. I have no affiliation with the track or the OutdoorclubPJ who is maintaining it but want to share it with the rest of the local bike community. IT IS FREE TO RIDE! Beginner and Advanced...
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    Cuisinart CGG-200 Portable Propane Grill - Camping / Tailgate

    Selling a brand new Cuisinart CGG-200 All-Foods 12,000-BTU Tabletop Gas Grill $75 Perfect to bring in the car for camping / tailgating. Purchased on Amazon for $152.73. See link directly to Amazon. (not spam)...
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    Bell Black AM Helmet: Size Small

    Selling a slightly used Bell Black All Mountain Helmet. Includes Visor and built in GoPro Mount. Never been crashed on No marks, scratches or damage. I'm also not a real sweaty person so that is a plus. :) Men's size Small. $20.
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    Took my son to Mountain Creek for the first time

    @NJ-XC-Justin ha, that is awesome to hear. Welcome to the darkside. If he ever wants to ride with someone, you know who to PM. :) Been riding, building, and coaching there all for the past 14 years.