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    Thursday Nights at Chimney Rock

    I'm hoping I can make it to this later this season, I'm a blob right now. I'm hoping for more time. Got back into a riding routine in March, then slammed with work 3 weeks ago. Finding time to get on the bike has been tough!
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    Beginner Enduro Racer

    -Pre ride the course as much as you can -While pre riding session the difficult sections a few times -Invest in good protective gear, knee pads, full face helmet -Plan on crashing -don't ride over you head, speed comes from being comfortable and confident -you can ride anything, but bikes with...
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    Strava now giving out participation trophies

    5 laps of Tatum, thats like a Sport & Beginner Woods Hollow Race Combined in one session. Yours truly is now a Tatum Park local legend, that should at least get me multiple cups of tea.
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    Raritan 911: Robocop

    I run my own biz working on a lot of critical water and wastewater infrastructure mechanical piping in NJ/NY. I see crap as cash!
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    Raritan 911: Robocop

    The condoms are also known as trouser trouts. Most treatment plants run an initial screening of influent wastewater. Condoms, rags, whatever else gets caught in screen, is scraped from grating and deposited into a dumpster and hauled away. Larger pump stations also have screens as well because...
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    Peloton Ad: Sexist or Stupid?

    I enjoy reading, yet over the years I've noticed that website taking on a very strong political and idelogical bias. Not particular to in general is overall sadly what constitutes "news" now is commenting on product ads or tweets. Toss in a little outrage to make it viral. It's...
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    NJCX Cup Race #2 - Lucky Charm Cyclocross v2.0

    I made it up to the race this past Saturday at took a bunch of photos from the 1030am race onwards, feel free to download. Just give credit to @teammtbnj @BrianGT3 on the instagrams and facebooks pics can be found here: Lucky Charm Cross 2019 @JimN @Dave Taylor @Santapez @Glenn Rides...
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    Rockshox SID Fork 29" 15 x 100 - $30

    Selling used Rockshox Sid brain fork for 29" wheels 15 x 100 $30 Came off of my deceased 2015 specialized epic
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    New/used 29" and sixfiddybee tires, 10-20 dollars

    New 29x3 Butcher Control - $20 Newish 29 Conti Mountainking 2.2 - $15 Newish 29 Conti mountainking 2.4 - $15 Used 29 Conti Xking 2.4 $10 Buy all 5 for $50 Used 27.5 x 2.3 butcher grid - $10 Used 27.5 x 2.3 purgatory grid -$15 Newish 27.5 x 2.3 Hutchison Squale - $20 Buy all 3 for $35
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    Arch/Carbon roval/dt350 29 wheelset 15x100/12x142 - $100

    Selling a used 29" wheelset $100 Front wheel is roval hub, roval carbon, 15x100, 6 bolt Rear Wheel is dt350 hub, Arch rim 12x142, 6 bolt
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    What’s “easier”, XC or Endurance?

    Lots of people told me to try endurance racing because its fun. I figured after doing a 100 mile charity road ride I should be okay. Little did I know..... I did the erie 80 last year (42 miles) took nearly 5.5 hours. It sucked, I never knew so many muscles in my legs could cramp. Wrists hurt...
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