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    Looking for apt to rent. North NJ

    How I wash my bike in my basement apartment. It doesn't get washed very often.
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    Pair of Maxxis Forekaster 27.5x2.6 DC/EXO (like new)

    Where are you located?
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    WTB 27.5x2.4ish XC Tires

    Awesome! Anything that pedals better than what I have is a win. Currently have a MaxxGrip Assegi and DHR. What are you looking at in terms of price and where are you/they located?
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    WTB 27.5x2.4ish XC Tires

    Would like to test how different the rolling resistance is between XC and more DH oriented tires I currently have. Feel like I am losing lots of time to lugging them around in a race. Hoping someone has some well used XC tires laying around that need another life. Budget is 50ish.
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    Ask an automobile mechanic.

    I once poured a gallon of oil in without the drain plug in. I don't think my dad will ever stop giving me shit for it.
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    Conference Room Equipment and Setup

    I was also once responsible for outfitting a client with a new office setup. One of the perks of that is we were able to standardize all the laptops. Used a usb-c dock that was compatible with all of them, and fed the peripherals into the dock. Super cheap setup, used all off the shelf parts...
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    Conference Room Equipment and Setup

    This is a task I had at work when there was a rush of people to return to the office, and there was a requirement to convert from teams to zoom. Previously I sourced, configured, and maintained our ad-hoc and zoom room systems. I now do that to all 3 mentioned. In terms of actual usability I...
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    Post a picture of your next bike part or mtb gear on order!

    Super excited to try out the super soft Assegai, my current DHF has seen better days. Has 2k+ miles on it and want something new for creek this year. Decided to add rubber to my grip levers, hope its soft/grippy like my grips.
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    Proper way of disposing hydraulic fluids?

    Why go that far? Easy enough to dig a hole in the backyard. Let it drain right right into the water table.
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    Allaire Conditions

    For real though, is there any way this could happen? I would love an unofficial Allaire enduro. I have no idea how an event like this could be started/implemented. Assume park permission would be needed?
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    Need touring bike guidance

    Well am now a semi proud owner of a old Diamondback. Rides very nice, shifts well, and appears to have been very well maintained. It has braze-ons for racks. It also has a 17" seat tube, with 30" of standover. I don't feel like the bars are too close, my feet don't rub the tire, and I don't...
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    Need touring bike guidance

    5' 8" I think I can see one on top of the dropouts and one on the seat stay. I know the image isnt great. I'm going to look at it in a few hours.
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    Need touring bike guidance

    How far did you go? Singletrack, dirt road, road? How was it?
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    Need touring bike guidance

    Assuming I can get this for a decent price ($50-80), and it fits... It is a mid 90's Diamondback Ascent EX with a steel frame, owner says it still shifts. Can possibly put a wider rear hub on and update the drivetrain, or maybe just new cables.
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    Need touring bike guidance

    I agree with everyone and the converting the enduro bike is kinda stupid. I haven't found any other people who have done it, except shorter bikepacking trips on singletrack. Most of the bags racks would have to be custom for it to work, and I dont want more mechanical things to worry about. I...
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