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    Essex county freeholders

    I can just imagine the smell going through the swampy area under the turnpike on a hot summer day.
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    Post your BooBoo's

    Bar end bashed my knee while climbing at Jungle. Didn’t notice until my shorts were sticking.
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    One less wet spot off the punch list

    Gibby is adorbs. Thanks for the trail maintenance. Sterling is one of my favorite.
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    What have you done to your bike today?

    Added 10mm of travel to my fork. 140 now.
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    2.35” vs 2.6”

    I ride Vittoria Mazza 2.6 front and 2.4 rear. I like having the fatter tire up front on the 29er.
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    ***SOLD***Pivot Mach 6 Carbon Size Medium

    Nice bike. If it was a large I would probably be in trouble.
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    The Future of wheel sizes on Hardtails

    Everything old is new again. Wonder how these would handle some DH.
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    God I love Craigslist.......

    Not just Craigslist. Saw this on eBay. Only 3 rides on it. Maybe he didn’t like the steering or braking with that front fork.
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    Post Your Doggo [woof]

    Boomer loving the deep snow.
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    What have you done to your bike today?

    Removed my rear wheel so I can send back to Raceface for warranty. Axle sheared in half. Stuck inside free hub body and actual hub.
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    Managing Cycling Clothes

    If it’s wet from sweat I dry it and wear it again. If it’s dirty from mud it gets the scrub and the padded underwear always go in the bin. just realized this is a kind of Limerick.
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    What have you done to your bike today?

    Installed an oval chainring. My first ride opinion is - I like it. Seemed to help me on my climbs. Found myself in lower gear during climbs where I was usually looking for one more gear when I was already maxed out. Anything I can do to offset the out of shape me.
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    Tire combinations for rocky North Jersey

    I switched from the Vittoria Martello to the MAzza front and rear and I love them for most of Jersey terrain.
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    random people following on strava why? or wierdest request to follow on strava

    I will sometimes connect with someone I meet on a trail during a ride or group ride so I can see other places to ride. I get follow requests from random people that give me kudos and I usually don't accept.
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    Mountain Creek - Bike Park Passes

    They just extended the season one more weekend till 11/22.
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