Wawayanda State Park Conditions

I'm not sure regular trail maintenance would've helped the park this year. The constant onslaught of rain has brought upon numerous large trees going down, washouts, and that coupled with warm weather has aided in health growth of vegetation. With that said however, I do think some trails (and I am not complaining, as I will just trials over most everything) were neglected. I don't mean neglected in a sense nothing was done, I just mean they might have appeared to not have much use so a once every 6 months maintenance might have occurred. I frequently carry pruning shears and such with me so I do my part along the way. The top of pines/tombstone/rattlesnake is always a fun one and takes frequent maintenance to keep that clear. That would be an area I would say isn't tended to very often. I live 2.5 miles from the park so I ride it often and try my best to clear out at much of the berry bushes (sticker bushes) as I can. I think Black Bear has done a great job and it takes other riders in the park to help out as well. Look at all the help and support at Ringwood and Sterling.

Thank you @onetracker


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the ice isnt really that bad as long as you make smooth gentle inputs, no sudden braking/accelerating or turning, thats how you die on ice. (or its too thin to support your weight and you fall through, but im sure @Kaleidopete will warn you about that stuff in advance if he cannot avoid it)

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Had a great ride with @qclabrat and @Paul H today! We all took a dirt nap at some point, but we survived the ride.
These guys are a great sport and ready for anything I could throw at them! Watch out for black ice!

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Thank you for the tour and your hospitality
Ride was awesome but the after ride was awesomer!
My daughter loves the hummingbird!