Vermont Beer Suggestions (of the IPA variety)

I'm heading to Kingdom with some friends next week and I'm looking for beer suggestions. What should I try if I see on tap? What will I find in cans that is worthy of the trip home?

Beers I currently enjoy:

Industrial Arts Wrench, Kane Head High, Carton 077XX, Bolero Snort OVB, Long Trail VTIPA, Sierra Nevada Hazy Little Thing, Magic Hat #9

Cans: Alchemist Heady Topper, Fiddle Head Second Fiddle. If your passing through Waterbury, the Craft Beer Cellar will have all that you require. Ride Perry Hill while your there, drink at the Reservoir or Blackback.

Growlers: Whatever interesting things they have going on at Fiddle Head and Hill Farm. Hill Farm will be closer to Kingdom, unless your passing through Burlington.

Tap: Most places up there have serious beer game, selection is endless.
I know that you can get it in NY now but Sip of Sunshine is one of my favorites.

If your going up thru Mass you must try to make a stop at Tree House brewing. You can only get the cans there at the brewery and they are great! They limit your purchase based on what they have but buy the full quota you won't be disappointed. Check their website for hours and selection before you go.

As for VT I second the selections that jShort and Monkey Soup made but here are a few growler additions:
Drop In brewing is a good stop in Middlebury along with FOAM brewing in Burlington.


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Just to echo what has been said:

Hill Farmstead is closer than Burlington, and their beers won't make you sad.

If you make a side trip to Burlington, aim for:
Four Quarters
These will be pretty good options for cans/growlers. Always pack growlers.

Also in town, you can get Heady/Sip/BBCO at bottleshops. Winooski Beverage and Pearl St Beverage are good options, but there are plenty.

Have fun!


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Not sure where the hell Colchester is,
but if you pass by, hit these guys up.
Green Empire Brewing.
This Side Business IPA is no joke.