Trek Fuel EX 9 vs. Giant Trance X1

Discussion in 'General Bike Talk' started by dhunt8705, Aug 31, 2011.

  1. dhunt8705

    dhunt8705 Member

    Glendora, NJ
    So I am shopping around for that "do it all" bike, and I think I have narrowed it down to 2 bikes:

    1. Trek Fuel EX 9
    2. Giant Trance X1

    I wanted to see some other people's opinions between the 2 bikes.
    Do you guys think these are good "do it all" bikes?
    Should I be looking into something with a little more travel?
    Most of my time is spent in SJ, Phila., and norhtern Del., ocassionally I will venture up to Trenton area or north.
  2. dhunt8705

    dhunt8705 Member

    Glendora, NJ
  3. dhunt8705

    dhunt8705 Member

    Glendora, NJ
    I guess I should specify, I am mostly interested in performance, not so much cosmetics. Do any of you guys own either of these bikes? Ever riden them? Let me know. Thanks.
  4. Biker Dude

    Biker Dude Member

    Monmouth County
    Trek EX

    I have the 2010 EX 8 and it is an awesome 'do it all' bike. I would think the EX 9 has to be that much better. I rode the Giant back when I bought the Trek and didn't like it as much.

    Plus, the Trek looks way better, IMO, not that this is important, but it helps.
  5. addicted7369

    addicted7369 New Member

    South Plainfield
    I have a 2011 fuel EX 8 and its a beast of a bike totaly love this bike I rode the Giant and didn't like the suspension as much as the trek but it all comes down to your preferance. Ride them both and go with what you feel comfy on.
  6. NJ-XC-Justin

    NJ-XC-Justin KY-DH-Freddy

    Both bikes are fantastic. Honestly it comes more down to which appeals more to you for whatever reason and which is sold at your most local bike shop, assuming you like that shop. Bikes are all so good these days that its easier to pick the shop than the bike.
  7. MMuller

    MMuller Well-Known Member

    If the trek frame breaks they replace it free for life.
  8. tonyride

    tonyride Don't piss off the red guy

    Piscataway, NJ
    I have a Trance X1 and I've ridden it just about everywhere between VT and DE (White Clay, Hawthorn, Allaire, 6 Mile, Lewis Morris, Allamuchy, Stevens, Deer Park, Mahlon Dickerson, Kittatinny, Waywayonda, Alligripis/lake Raystown, Kingdom Trails) and it performed flawlessly. I have other bikes but the Trance X1 is my primary go to bike.
  9. Pointboy

    Pointboy Member

    Central, NJ
    I doubt that you could go wrong with either bike
  10. jdgang

    jdgang Active Member

    I too also ride a trance (x2) and while my primary area is Allamuchy i have ventured to other parts of the state. It does perform flawlessly. Giant also has a lifetime warranty for the frame as well. Either way I dont think you can go wrong.
  11. Carson

    Carson Sport Bacon Team MTBNJ Halter's

    Readington, NJ
    This month's MBA mag has a review of these two bikes (well, the EX 8). It's worth a read to help your decision. I'd lean towards the Trek, myself.
  12. a.s.

    a.s. Well-Known Member

    Rockland County NY
    I have a Trance and rode a buddy's Trek. They are both great bikes. The suspension design on the Giant climbs better than the Trek without having to reach for the pro-pedal switch. On the other side, the Trek has a more supple ride overall. I don't think you could go wrong either way.
  13. stb222

    stb222 Love Drunk Jerk Squad

    Trance X1. You will get a better parts package on the Giant for the same or less money. X1 is a great bike. I can't speak for the Trek as I wouldn't touch one with a ten foot pole, but I am sure it is "ok".
  14. tonyride

    tonyride Don't piss off the red guy

    Piscataway, NJ
    I noticed something interesting on Trek's site saying their front and rear suspension were tuned by Trek in California. What is that supposed to mean to us in NJ, or anywhere else for that matter. Trails in different parts of the country vary quite a bit so I would imagine the suspension would need to be tuned accordingly... if that even matters. Or is that just a marketing ploy that is supposed to impress us?
  15. laxman

    laxman Member

  16. Shaggz

    Shaggz A strong 7

    Big Sky Country
    I am partial to the Trance. My X2 is the second one I've owned. It is a fun all around bike, a little porky, but so am I. Well spec'd for the price point.

    Brad will not buy one because he says I am too slow. Not sure if that is because of the bike :hmmm:

    Not to derail your line of thought, but I saw someone riding the Giant Anthem 29 at Mooch Madness. That was a really good looking bike.

    I think someone else said this - your comfort level with the shop you are purchasing from should be part of your decision making process. Both bikes are sweet.
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  17. taylor810

    taylor810 New Member

    I've never riden a Giant but my EX9 may have been the best bike i've ever owned.
    Until it was stolen!
  18. dhunt8705

    dhunt8705 Member

    Glendora, NJ
    thank you all so much for opinions and info!!
  19. jdog

    jdog Shop: Halter's Cycles Shop Keep

    You owe it to yourself to at least give the Anthem 29er a hard look. We have not sold many Trance's since the Anthem came out.
  20. Allamuchy Joe

    Allamuchy Joe Not White House Approved JORBA.ORG

    Green Township
    Love my Trance X1 -- great overall bike.

    I know one of the differences between the two bikes is the riding position. I believe the Trek is "more aggressive" where the rider is bent over a little further. The Trance has a more upright riding position. When I first rode the Trance, it took me one ride to get used to the upright position. After that, I was hooked.


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