SUN Duroc 50 27.5 wheel set


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Sun Duroc 50 wheel set. Approximately 150 miles on them

Sun duroc 50 rims
Sun hubs.
WTB ranger 27.5 x 3.0 tires
Boost 12x 148 rear, 6 bolt, Shimano freehub
Non-boost 15x100 front, 6 bolt

$200.00 for the set.
I understand this is a mixed wheel set so I am willing to sell them seperately. $100 each

Any questions please let me know 92740AB9-C683-48BE-AFD1-8B64EB83BB9C.jpeg 7BE6FF8E-5D62-4DD7-9C9A-68851CB3D79A.jpeg 69FCC3FC-B27C-4514-A609-877EF985C24B.jpeg 1D927FF2-2DA1-4C3D-8213-07AAF8DC3FFD.jpeg


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PSA...This seller takes care of his stuff. The bike he gave me for free was in better shape than ones I've seen folks sell for stupid money. If I needed any of the parts he has currently listed, I'd not hesitate to buy .