Round valley wed am


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i haven't been to this park in over a decade, but I'm playing golf right around the corner, so I'm going to do a ride tomorrow. Last time I was there, I did a run/bike/run race and the loop was around 12ish.
Are the trails really well marked? Do they have maps at the kiosks? What's the best place to park and ride for a 2-2.5hr loop?


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Go to Nassua instead, last time I was at RV conditions were not ideal with all the overgrowth.


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there isn't a real loop in the park, you'll need to hop off before the restricted area through the Cushetunk mt preserve ( a local town park not affiliate with RV)
you can park at the main lot by the dive area (right after ranger booth)
from there you can pickup the red (Cushetunk trail) which is relatively well marked, but may be overgrown as some have already noted
I'm a slow rider so wouldn't be able to make it around in 2 hrs, when I only have 2 hrs, I start from the lot, go in counter clockwise direction for an hour then turnaround