Port Jervis new Trail System


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Passing this along if anyone is interested in helping. Thank you.

Great things are happing at the new trail system in Port Jervis. Single-track is being made that will be awesome for hiking and mountain biking! Our next Trail Maintenance day is SUNDAY MAY 15th at 10:00 am. We need some VOLUNTEERS! We will be gathering at the end of Resevoir Ave in Port Jervis at 10:00 am. Once you get to the Port Jervis Filtration Plant at 71 Reservoir Ave, Port Jervis, NY 12771 bear left on the dirt road for 1/4 mile. The small parking area will then be on the right hand side. Some hand tools will be provided and if you can bring a rake for yourself that would be greatly appreciated. Contact Action Bikes and Outdoor with any questions. 570-296-4009.

Are these trails rideable by the general public now? Considering a trip up there in two weeks. Can I ise my erie 80 route or is some of that closed off? Really loved the climbing and tech sections.
Yeah, NJKayaker are the trails ride-able? Would love to have a nice tour of the popular stuff there that is already built to figure out the lay-of-the-land before coming to TM.

Keep me posted, we live in the same general area.


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This place is coming together. My inlaws live 20 min from here and I had a chance to ride it a few months back.

I rode this and another spot the same day and got a full day of pedaling.


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I was lucky enough to be given a tour a few months back. They have done a tremendous job putting together a sweet trail system up there. The city is on board as well, which makes the political piece much easier to navigate.

Take the trip up....it's worth it. Parking is tight though.
Just rode there this past weekend, good stuff and they seem to be building like crazy. Well marked and fun stuff.

If anyone wants to go and would like a tour, just PM me.


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I have about 2 hours to explore here tomorrow. Anyone have suggestions on a good loop that incorporates some of the best stuff? Best place to park?


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@njkayaker may be a good source.

I've only been there once. So, I'm interested in the response, too. This is a good reminder that I should go explore this place again sometime soon.